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Auto Notification

Work-Flow Management

Auto Assistant will pop up with automatic notifications all day long based on user defined metrics at global, folder, and key word search level. This single feature will ensure a deal in minutes…not days, weeks or months.


Fast Deals

Welcome to  where Buyers and Sellers find the deals when they want, where they want, and only work the deals they want. is the culmination of nearly 40 combined years of experience in the real estate and commercial markets. Although the is initially focused to the real estate markets, the platform is equally beneficial to other markets for bringing buyers and sellers together in and accelerated matching process.

Our goal is to provide the missing piece of the puzzle and provide an automated lead generating system to get prospects in minutes, not days, or weeks, or months. Fast and Easy!

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Leads are automatically searched as often as you like and keyed in on your specific criteria; location, category, search factors, and specifics for personal search desires.

It’s like having a team of specialists to tag the deal, assign to a priority, and move the ‘Lead-to-Deal’ process. If you want to assign to a VA, admin, or partner, just hit Send. Saves time and money.. real estate investing