• FindMeDealsNow.com Application Software & Instructions

  • Quick Start 10 Key Word Search for your specific location (up to 1,000 locations)

  • Access to the Bronze Level Beginner Training Library

          (over 3 hours)

  • Email Support (M-F 9-4pm PST)

         48 Hr Turn Around

  • Bronze Level Monthly Tip of the Month and Open Q&A

  • No charge for 30 days. 

  • Only $29.95 per month 

  • And, NO contract!

   The Platinum Level is the ultimate tier for personal coaching, funding, gap funding, JV, and '1-on-1' for faster engagements and closings. For the novice investor, the Platinum Level is designed to minimize false starts and lengthy learning curves. For the advanced investor, the Platinum Level is designed for near partnership level engagements and participation.
* The Bronze Level Membership has no contract and billed 30 days after download.
** The Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership Levels requires a minimum 12 month subscription.

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All programs INCLUDE the FindMeDealsNow (FMDN) software download, instructions and videos, and include a Quick Start 10 Key Word Search for your desired location for an immediate deal lead search in a matter of minutes. The total for all products and services is a list price of $8,795 and bundled price for only $1,995....And then…Pick Your Plan:

Pick Your Plan...

Clink on the Membership Level You Want

  • Unlimited Gap Funding (subject to location and project)

  • Phone Support (M-F 8-5pm PST) 24 Hr Response

  • Access to the Gold Level Advanced Training Library (additional 2.5 Hr plus)

  • Access to the Community Trading Platform for Deal/Funding Posts

  • PLUS 1 hr/week personal

          1-ON-1 calls up to 10 hrs of                ‘Fine Tuning

  • Custom Installation Support & Workflow Management

  • Extended Key Word Search including 25 key words and phrases

  • Email Support (M-F 9-4pm PST)

          24 Hr Turn Around

  • Access to the Silver Level Advanced Training Library (additional 1 Hr plus)

  • Access to the Private FindMeDealsNow.com Community Page for postings

  • Private Money Funding Contacts

  • Gap Funding up to $50,000 (subject to location and project)

  • Access to the Advanced Monthly Tip of the Month and Advanced Q&A

  • PLUS Unlimited Personal Mentor and Coaching Access

  • LIMITED: Only 5 New Students/Month

  • Personal Expert Introductions; e.g. attorneys, accountants, brokers, mgrs

  • Joint Venture (JV) Participation (subject to location and project)

  • Book: "How to Cash In on Distressed Assets in a Down Market"

  • Access to Document Library (Purchase Agreement, Lease/Option, etc.)

  • Unlimited Key Word and News Feeds

  • Unlimited Deal Lead Feeds at no extra charge

  • Partnering with 1-on-1 access to a Certified FMDN Coach

  • Sources of funding, limited to location and project

  • Budget and Price Point Calculator Assistance & Instruction Bookle

  • Comp and Market Analysis Assistance

  • Profit Sharing Assistance (Syndications)

  • Offer documentation and deal tracking, escrow, title, services, etc.

  • Access to a trained Virtual Assistance (VA) with scripts and process flow

  • Alternate Program and Creative Financing Training and documentation